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Consider the Lobster. Then Eat It.

Your First Look at the West Loop’s Newest Lobster Emporium

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Your new favorite lobster roll proprietor comes to Chicago via Minneapolis.


Right. That old story.

But, hey, such is life and Smack Shack, a once humble food truck from the Twin Cities that now occupies 10,000 square feet of pure lobster-related bliss in the West Loop. It opens Thursday, and here’s your first look inside.

It’s crazy to think that just five or six years ago, these guys were slinging lobster rolls from a parking lot. Here, though, you’ll stride past the crackle-finished wood bar and up the stairs to the nautical-inspired dining room. You’ll pause to glance at the fiberglass tank, which contains over 400 Maine lobsters at a time, as well as the big boiling pot of Old Bay and onions.

Hunger will strike. And in a crustacean-fueled haze, you’ll consume their original cucumber-and-tarragon chilled lobster roll on griddled milk bread, some oysters and a giant 20-ounce hurricane.

That should suffice for your first visit. Next time, though, you’ll want to try their Chicago-exclusive Smack Burger. Or, if it’s brunch, the bourbon french toast.

In conclusion: there will be a next time.


Smack Shack
326 N Morgan St
(at Carroll)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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