Americano 2211

Deep-Fried Beef Jerky, Sandwiches and Pastries Galore

A European-Style Café in the Former Birchwood Space

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If you could go back in time, you totally would’ve eaten a house-brined, slow-roasted ham and egg breakfast sandwich on a rosemary sea salt biscuit this morning.

But we checked. And time travel is still impossible.

So... bummer.

To make matters better, allow us to humbly proffer Americano 2211—a European-style café that’s responsible for that sandwich, a little beef jerky and making you linger on Scandinavian bar stools longer than you ever expected to. It’s open now in the former Birchwood space in Wicker Park.

Now, let’s let sleeping breakfast sandwiches lie and look to the future.

This Weekend
It’s supposed to be close to 70 degrees. Which is insane climate-wise, but amazing you-enjoying-coffee-and-burrata-on-a-secluded-back-patio-wise.

This Summer
For now, they’re only open for breakfast and lunch. As soon as they acquire their liquor license, though, you can expect a full dinner menu (read: small plates, charcuterie, cheese and a few entrées), plus an extensive wine/aperitif program (read: more amaro than you’ll know what to do with).

This Very Moment
We’ve got an annotated slideshow full of deep-fried beef jerky, spicy eggplant jam and ham-and-cheddar sandwiches.

Come and get it.

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