Analyzing Your Swing With Your Phone

A Near-Invisible Device to Help Perfect Your Drive

There are only two differences between your game and PGA Tour professionals’.

1) They’ve got people keeping their every statistic.

2) Just so much other stuff we can’t even begin to enumerate.

We’ll be honest: we can’t do much about that second thing. But we can do something about the first...

Using a little Bluetooth-y thingamajig called the Arccos Driver—a near-invisible device you screw into the top of your driver and sync to your smartphone for real-time statistical data. It’s available now.

And here’s how you’ll put it to use...

As your foursome’s long-drive challenge judge.
After pairing your club with the app, you’ll receive real-time distance and accuracy statistics on every drive. So the next time Phil claims he outdrove you, you’ve got the numbers to prove him wrong.

As your personal caddie.
Arccos has advanced GPS on 35,000-plus courses. Meaning: you’ve got all the measurements a sentient caddie has, without that whole “human error” thing.

As the host of a global driving competition.
It’s called Crowns, and it uses a special driving handicap to measure your performance against other golfers worldwide.

As a way to really stick it to Phil.
Naturally, the app can post your stats directly to social media.

Showed him.

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