Gino’s East Pilsen

From Chicago to Mexico City and Back Again

A Mexican-Inspired Gino’s East Returns Home to Pilsen

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One delicious Chicago-style deep-dish pie makes a pilgrimage to Mexico City and returns home to share its knowledge. Carnitas and chorizo pizza ensue.

There. Now you have your elevator pitch for the new Gino’s East Pilsen—a comely little place where two worlds collide in the form of delicious Mexican-inspired deep-dish that you slice up and put in your mouth, open now. This slideshow should be edible.

Not since the advent of PB&J has a culinary collaboration called for this much celebration. It’s revelatory. It’s inventive. It... probably should’ve happened a long time ago.

Naturally, then, you’ll want to get over there as soon as possible. Slide into a diamond-tufted leather booth. Gaze up at the restored, old Chicago ceilings. Realize you’re really not here to gaze up at ceilings and order something to start from the menu, like chipotle meatballs and their ancho-chili-liqueur-and-bell-pepper drink, humbly named Ron Amarillo.

And please, feel free to refer to the slideshow again when selecting your pizza. It might help you decide between the meaty chorizo, nopal vegetarian and salsa picante carnitas. Or it might just confuse you.

You know, because it’s Mexican deep-dish.

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