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Boilermakers and Deep-Fried Ham Hock at the Fairmont

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April threw a little bit of everything at you this week.

Snow. Hail. Sun. Rain. Deep-fried honey ham hock.


You’re right. That last one is conspicuously not a weather condition.

Rather, it’s just one of many delicious things you’ll happen upon at Columbus Tap, a hospitable beer bar dressed up in sleek black and brass as a sophisticated after-office lounge. It’s open now in Aria’s former home at the Fairmont.

A picture of that whiskey-glazed honey ham hock is in this slideshow (and on this menu, too). But before you leave us for meatier pastures...

You’ll probably come here for beer.
They’ve got 16 on tap, including an exclusive citrus saison from Maplewood Brewery called When Life Gives You Kumquats. Hint: kumquats were involved.

If it’s been one of those days...
You can always request a white rye Martinez or a boilermaker. They’ll pour the shot into the tallboy, you’ll pour the tallboy into your mouth, and the world will spin less madly on.

When hunger strikes...
Grab the black leather booth near the window and order some spice-dusted chicken wings, Publican Quality Bread toast and, well, the ham hock.

Wow, we’re really talking this ham hock up for some reason.

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