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Lobster Rolls, Beer and Bourbon Mules at the Mirage

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You’ve already filled out your bracket and placed your first-round bets.


Now all that’s left to do is kick back, relax and order some chili cheese dogs from a refurbished Airstream trailer.

Sure, it’s the bane of every person's March Madness checklist, but one you’ll find easily doable at The Still, a slightly Southern den of sports-watching revelry, now open at the Mirage.

You’ll probably peruse this slideshow and wonder whether this place is really a sports bar at all. But don’t let the handsome leather chairs and woodsy décor fool you. They’ve got 22 TVs, bourbon mules and plenty of beer on tap. So, see... sports bar. 

As for what you’ll eat, well, that’s where that Airstream comes in. The owners rescued it from the back hills of Tennessee, spruced it up, plopped it down in the bar and said something along the lines of “Huh, guess this should be our kitchen.”

Which will likely explain why you’ll find yourself gravitating towards it at halftime for a lobster roll and some street-style tacos.

Either that, or you finally found your old back hills Airstream trailer.

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