Meet the Preppy Drug Kingpins from the ’80s

Your Weekend Agenda Just Got More Intriguing

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Nanotecture: Tiny Built Things by Rebecca Roke
Yes, it’s a pocket-size book about tiny homes and other itsy-bitsy marvels. There’s a certain satisfying symmetry in that. So if you’re an aficionado of ingenious edifices—whether they be in the form of birdhouses or a sauna small enough to fit on a bicycle—you’ll find it pretty nifty. You’ll also find it handy if you’re just one of those people who like to carry 300 examples of great design in their pocket with them at all times.

South by Southwest Live
Sorry you couldn’t be in Austin this week to attend multiple digital conferences and elbow thousands of hipsters, social media managers and marketing executives out of your way to witness the must-see buzz band of the second. Or maybe we’re sorry that you could be. Either way, you may find it a little less stressful to catch some live streaming of some of the programming right here.

The prediction markets are saying you will accumulate 426 new photos on your phone this weekend, most never to be seen again. But viewing them all just got easier: this new app turns your photos into a highlight reel of your life in a few clicks. Long story short: you’ve just become your own Ken Burns.

The Preppie Connection
The one thing The Official Preppy Handbook did not fully prepare a child of the 1980s for: becoming a global drug kingpin in order to keep your fancy East Coast boarding school supplied with cocaine. See the consequences of that oversight in this based-on-a-true-story indie feature available for download (and in select theaters) starting Friday.

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