“I’ve Actually Never Been More Ready for a New Radiohead Album.”

10 Things You’ll Overhear Today

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Welcome to Tuesday. We spent the morning reading the entire Internet for the 10 bits of news most vital to your being. Then we made up a quote about each one that you might ponder, overhear or maybe even deploy over the course of the day. We call it The Cooler, and we suggest sprinkling it liberally over your daily conversation.

1. “I just don’t think America is ready for a second-person plural pronoun.”

2. “Yeah, I saw that Singapore was recently ranked the most expensive city in the world. Still sort of want to move there, though.”

3. “Oven mitts did the trick for Costanza, so...”

4. “I’m still wrapping my head around the idea of a World Drone Prix.”

5. “Amy Poehler really needs to pay more attention to what’s happening on her lawn.”

6. “He just doesn’t get robot humor like we do.”

7. “That restored Miura is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

8. “I’ve actually never been more ready for a new Radiohead album.”

9. “Maybe I can pull some strings. I knew a guy back in Italy with one of the 11 Supreme x Alpinestars motorcycle jackets.”

10. “Mark your calendar if you happen to want any of Prince’s wedding china.”

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