Get Serious with Will Arnett This Weekend

His New Show Debuts, plus Other Weekend Distractions on Your Agenda

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You’ve got a great big weekend ahead. Interesting things will happen. You’ll experience new sights, enticing sounds and intriguing tastes. And if you don’t, well, you could always just click something below. We call it Agenda. A little weekend kick start.

Flaked on Netflix
Will Arnett. Mitch Hurwitz. New show on Netflix. Sounds like you know what you’re getting with this one. Oh, but you’re only half right. This promises to be funny, yes, but also a little sad: Arnett plays a recovering alcoholic in Venice, California, trying to get his life together. Heather Graham shows up at some point, so everything balances out.

Sunny’s Nights by Tim Sultan
Remember the 1980s? Remember Cheers? That place where everyone knew your name? Well, this ain’t that place. But this memoir about one guy’s life working in a Brooklyn dive in the ’90s offers a cast of characters that sounds every bit as interesting as the one in that fictional Boston bar. He’s obviously the aspiring writer of the group.

Phone Power by They Might Be Giants
Oh, hello there, new They Might Be Giants album. Where did you come from? No matter, we’re happy to know you. And we’re also happy you’ve got a name-your-own-price download on your website. Mighty friendly of you.

Prints, Multiples, and Photography Auction on Paddle8
Art can be expensive. That’s why we thought we’d tip you off to Paddle8’s new auction that starts today and runs through March 24. It’s an impressive who’s who of contemporary art (Hirst, Ruscha, Lichtenstein, etc.). Because it focuses on prints, multiple editions and photography, prices are not quite so stratospheric as one-offs. It’s more like that layer that’s right under the stratosphere. Troposphere. Prices are merely tropospheric.

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