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When March Madness Hits, You’ll Take Cover Here

Fried Chicken, Donuts and March Madness on Green Street

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We’re going to start by throwing a few words out there, just to see how you’ll react.

“Cap’n Crunch–coated calamari.”

“Fried chicken and donuts.”

“Amarula-spiked milkshakes.”


Still with us?

Great. Now you’re ready for Green Street Local—a high-ceilinged sports lounge where you can say those words, then have those items promptly delivered to your table, now open for dinner and drinks in the West Loop. Enjoy this slideshow and this menu.

Since you’ll probably want to hang out here during March Madness, we’ve taken the liberty of dividing your experience into two halves of play.

First Half: At tip-off, you’re perched at a communal high-top on the first floor, watching the game on a giant projection screen. Get things going with that Cap’n Crunch–coated calamari and their sangria-like Local Mule.

Halftime: Maybe take a breather.

Second Half: As you bite into your angel-hair lasagna, someone drains a game-tying three-pointer. Looks like this thing is going into OT.

Overtime: Tell the bartender you want a “sidecar” with your Strawberry Short Shake, and he’ll recommend a shot of Amarula liqueur to pour inside.

Game over. You win.

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