This Is Like Adderall for Word Processing

Write Your Great American Novel on This Machine

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by cat videos, mean tweets, left swipes, angry fucking hipsters starving on Instagram hamburgers.”

Okay, we don’t know if Allen Ginsberg would have written exactly those words about our highly distracted populace if he were around in 2016. But we do have an idea of what he would have written it on.

This thing: Freewrite, a valiant attempt to remove all distractions getting between you and your ambition to write the Great American Novel, an Oscar-worthy screenplay or anything else that doesn’t require the heart-eyes emoji to get a point across.

This isn’t just some clunky portable typewriter. Though it does have a satisfying clicky-clacky keyboard that really sings when you’ve got a writing streak going. And no, it isn’t just some sort of early-’90s word processor either—it uses wi-fi to upload your work to the cloud. It’s sort of clunky typewriter meets ’90s word processor with a little cloud thrown in.

The point of it is simple: bring this thing up to a cabin somewhere, clear your head of all our over-connected nonsense and just get down to it. No distractions. No excuses. No saying “Damn, Daniel” unless, of course, your name is Daniel. Then who knows.

Anyway, it’s either that or just turn off the wi-fi on your computer.

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