“For Me, It Was a Tie Between the Lightning-Struck Volcano and the Great Whale.”

Your 10 Talking Points for Today

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here’s where we distill our expert Internet-consuming abilities into a concise list of 10 daily bons mots for you to casually deploy into any conversation you feel could use some timely pop-culture insight. It’s a service we call: The Cooler.

1. “Who are we to say no Oscar nominee wants Hydroxycut gummies and a walking tour of Japan?”

2. “Man, I could really go for a steaming-hot beer right about now.”

3. “Heard Amazon is getting into men’s dress shoes. The end is nigh.”

4. “Could have sworn I saw Revenant-Leo in my cappuccino this morning.”

5. “I mean, he was a Queen roadie. Having to set off explosions sort of comes with the territory.”

6. “Time’s running out if we’re going to be retiring at 30.”

7. “To be honest, I hadn’t given Nigerian pop stardom much thought.”

8. “Well, jail is jail. Unless it’s jail and a mental health facility.”

9. “I’ve been waiting on ‘haha,’ ‘wow’ and ‘love’ buttons for years.

10. “For me, it was a tie between the lightning-struck volcano and the great whale.”

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