“When RiRi Sits Courtside, Everybody Wins.”

Your 10 Talking Points for Today

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here’s where we distill our expert Internet-consuming abilities into a concise list of 10 daily bons mots for you to casually deploy into any conversation you feel could use some timely pop-culture insight. It’s a service we call: The Cooler.

1. “I just feel like that face encapsulates my occasional feelings of existential dread.”

2. “What a joke. He’s literally lying on a bed enjoying a popsicle surrounded by stacks of hundreds.”

3. “Let’s hit the Starbucks with stadium seating and the 150-foot movie screen.”

4. “Personally, I wouldn’t drop 40K on Steve Jobs’s watch. But I get it...”

5. “When RiRi sits courtside, everybody wins.”

6. “The dude had five weeks. No wonder it’s the worst video game of all time.”

7. “Good news if you’re ever stranded on West End Avenue and 66th Street.”

8. “I hate it when my voice-activated techno-servants won’t shut the hell up.”

9. “Apparently Kanye handles problems through God, sex and alcohol. In that order.”

10. “Embarking on a North American jazz trail isn’t the worst of ideas.”

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