This Place Has a Schmear Bar

Bagels. Lox. Schmear. You See Where This Is Going.

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Ask us who makes the best lox and bagel in the entire city.

Go on, ask us.


Fine. We’ll just tell you. It’s Jennifer and Bill.

Jennifer most recently cooked at Nico, while Bill was doing nice things over at C Chicago. Together, they ditched fine dining to build Snaggletooth—a fish-focused take on the traditional Jewish delicatessen, now open in Lakeview.

You can gawk impudently at it right here.

Then you can go about procuring bagels and things by following these instructions:

1) Visit 2819 N Southport Ave around brunch time.

2) Say, “I’ll have the citrusy gravlax ocean trout, whose curing formula you perfected over seven years, on an everything bagel with scallion schmear, please.”

3) Receive admiring looks.

4) Browse their take-home pantry and the schmear bar, which contains a panoply of whipped Greek yogurt spreads, from kimchi to honey walnut.

5) Grab your bagel, walk upstairs, notice the Bowie drawing, start humming “Changes” and sit down at a table.

6) Take a bite. Linger precariously on the edge of taste-induced ecstasy.

7) Go back downstairs and order a charcuterie board of kombu tuna, pastrami-inspired trout and matzo crackers to go.

8) Repeat step 3.


2819 N Southport Ave
(between Wolfram and Diversey)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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