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A Garden of Beer-y Delights in West Town

Witness: Forbidden Root’s First and Only Brewpub

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What follows is a glossary of terms for Forbidden Root, the funky botanical brewery’s first and only brewpub that’s now open in West Town.

Botanical Brewery: A brewery that builds beer from the botanical up. Basically.

The Hub Theatre: The century-old cinema in which Forbidden Root now exists.

Beer Garden: The airy front part of the space where you’ll enjoy their Thai palm sugar West Coast IPA, because the phrases “beer garden” and “West Coast IPA” just make sense.

This Slideshow: A pictorial feast depicting floating beer taps, antique apothecary bottles and a private dining room that looks into the brewery.

’64 Impala: Their gin-and-juice-inspired Belgian wit, and one of several new beers (like the Cherry Amaro Ale, brewed with cherry stems) that you can only find at the brewpub. Not to be confused with “the kind of car you saw in that movie once.”

Forbidden Old Fashioned: A spin on the classic involving barrel-aged maple syrup and a spice-roasted blood orange elixir.

The Food Menu: A piece of paper with comestibles like “milk-brined pork schnitzel” and “malted hanger steak” printed on it.

Getting Really Thirsty and Hungry: Things you’re definitely doing right now.

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