Cycling from Milan to Rome. Drinking All the Way.

On the Road with Two Great Italian Traditions

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Sometimes the conditions are just right.

It’s a nice day out. You’re thirsty. You know how to ride a bike.

So you do what any sane, rational person would do...

You agree to the 7-Day Italian Passion Tour, an ingenious trip where you ride from Milan to Rome while touring breweries, eating Parma ham and engaging in other decidedly Italian activities along the way, booking now for April and October.

The thought of biking across the better part of a country might seem strenuous. Until you consider that you’ll occasionally take trains. And that you’ll rest in downtown hotels at night. And that, of course, you’ll make daily pit stops at the country’s top breweries. (See the slideshow.)

It starts in Milan at one of Italy’s first craft breweries, where the staff wears heavy metal shirts and Harleys are parked everywhere. The next day you’re cycling 34 miles to Piacenza and having dinner in the tasting room of a production brewery you toured that morning. And that’s basically your life for seven days.

Then it all ends with you checking out Rome’s new Trappist brewery. Fun fact: they own a large eucalyptus forest and add the stuff to things like soap, shampoo and beer.

Don’t overlook the soap.

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