“Turns Out, Taking LSD Could Actually Save Your Life. Who’s In?”

The Cooler: Your 10 Talking Points for Today

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here’s where we distill our expert Internet-consuming abilities into a concise list of 10 daily bons mots for you to casually deploy into any conversation you feel could use some timely pop-culture insight. It’s a service we call: The Cooler.

1. “You want to talk campaign finance? Hillary Clinton has spent more on pizza than any other candidate by thousands of dollars!”

2. “Come to think of it, Joan Didion is the Andy Warhol of the literary world.”

3. “Hey, did you see Neil Patrick Harris at NYFW: Men’s?”

4. “You know, O. J. Simpson’s penchant for Bruno Magli shoes was nearly his downfall.”

5. “I miss Jack Spade, which is why I was glad to hear Kate and Andy Spade are starting up a new accessories brand.”

6. “Remember that whole White House party crasher fiasco? Well, apparently you can crash at the party crasher’s pad.”

7. “Turns out, taking LSD could actually save your life. Who’s in?”

8. “If Rihanna went platinum by giving her album away for free, what does ‘going platinum’ even mean anymore?

9. “Finally, Ken dolls with a realistic body type! I mean... not that I care about dolls anymore. Uh, I mean, ever. That I ever cared about dolls. Please don’t judge me.”

10. “South by Southwest just announced their film festival lineup of 139 films shown over nine days. Now, that’s bingeing.”

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