Kanye’s Next Move, Jonas from Space and $160,000 of Stolen Cheese

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Get in My Van: An (unconfirmed) rumor purports that Kanye is jumping the Adidas ship for a chance to design Vans.

Space Oddity: For all the mayhem it’s caused, Winter Storm Jonas sure looks pretty from space.

Puppet State: Bowie or not, there appears to be a brand-new Labyrinth in the works.

Thread Reckoning: Here’s what all 82 of the pieces from the new Uniqlo x Lemaire collab will look like. That’s right: 82.

The Show Mus(n’)t Go On: You know who had a worse blizzard experience than you? The people who had tickets to Hamilton, that’s who.

Book It: Wired looks to the 10 most promising books of 2016, which include a comic book by Margaret Atwood.

Who Moved My Cheese: In the last week, $160,000 worth of cheese has been stolen in Wisconsin. There’s a criminal genius in our midst.

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