Naoki Sushi

It’s Like Intro’s Little Sister. Who Really Loves Sushi.

Edamame Guac, Miso Old Fashioneds and Sushi

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Welcome to the Fake Frequently Asked Questions page for Naoki Sushi, which is now open in Lincoln Park.

Q: How does one get to the restaurant?
A: You go to Intro. You say, “I’m here for the sushi.” Someone guides you down the stairs and through the middle of the kitchen—past the line cooks and lobster tanks—to an intimate, dimly lit room.

Q: That’s cool.
A: Not a question.

Q: That’s cool?
A: Better. Yes, it is cool.

Q: Who should I bring?
A: A second date would go swimmingly here.

Q: Where should we sit?
A: Those semicircular leather booths in back look particularly swimming.

Q: Who’s that behind the marble sushi bar?
A: Likely Chef Naoki himself. He’s LEYE’s longtime sushi tsar.

Q: What do I order?
A: Any of the sashimi in the Naoki-style section will feature the chef’s signature flourishes (plum, serrano...). Though you can’t go wrong with a truffle-y unagi maki or their guacamole-like edamame dip.

Q: And to drink?
A: Go with the Miso Old Fashioned. Or sake.

Q: Did you forget about the slideshow?
A: We would never.

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