Growing Up with Hunter S. Thompson, London’s Club Kids and Fake Hamilton Tickets

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunter: On the heels of his new memoir, Juan Thompson sits down with Esquire to discuss what it was like having Dr. Gonzo as a father figure.

Join the Club: A new book called The Dark Carnival documents the strange creatures of London nightlife over 30 years.

Michael Douglas Out the Car Now: Vulture has taken the considerable time and effort to cite every single pop culture reference Kanye West has ever dropped in verse.

Will Power: Will Forte has shaved his epic Last Man on Earth beard. Or half of it, anyway.

Sith Resources: SNL imagines how Kylo Ren’s episode of Undercover Boss would go.

Forge Ahead: The NYT reports that people are showing up to Hamilton with forged tickets almost daily.

Deep Cuts: The A.V. Club goes down the Bowie rabbit hole with 19 of the late icon’s lesser-known but spectacular tracks.

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