Oscar Noms, Bob Dylan’s “Hotline Bling” and the Truth About Baby Carrots

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Mix Up: A Seattle lawyer unwittingly selected Sir Mix-A-Lot’s retired phone number as his own. This is his story.

Baby Baby: The shocking truth behind what baby carrots really are. Hint: they’re not actually “baby carrots.”

Don’t Stop till You Get Enough: The trailer for Spike Lee’s upcoming documentary on the genesis of Michael Jackson has arrived.

Hot in Herre: This more-than-slightly-unsettling interactive tool tells you what winter will be like in your city by 2100.

Tricky Dicks: The militia behind the standoff in Oregon has asked for supplies. So people have sent them bags of phallic gummies and other phallic... things. Because it’s a free country.

Oscar Blues: The 2016 Oscar noms are here, and Vulture will guide you through all the snubs and surprises.

Blingin’ in the Wind: Jimmy Fallon did a surprisingly accurate rendition of “Hotline Bling” as sung by Bob Dylan.

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