Competitive Hate-Watching, George Saunders and That House from Silence of the Lambs

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Breaking Good: New York asks George Saunders, Jerry Seinfeld, Don Rickles and other creative geniuses about the moment they knew their careers had changed for the better.

Silence, Please: The house that served as Buffalo Bill’s abode in The Silence of the Lambs is on the market, without a buyer. Gee, wonder why that could be.

Friends with Benefits: Erykah Badu decided to take Kanye’s new single for a spin, and the results are very pleasing.

Sneak Attack: GQ provides a little primer on how to best sneak hooch into concerts. Umbrellas with built-in flasks are discussed.

Diesel Fuel: The creative director of Diesel sits down with AnOther to discuss modern sexuality, advertising on PornHub and more.

Hate Watchers: Welcome to the world of competitive hate-watching The Bachelor.

Lyin’ State: Jimmy Kimmel asks people what they thought of the State of the Union address in that thing where he gets people to lie to get on television.

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