The Next Han Solo, Gaming the Powerball and Donald Trump’s Job Interview

The Cooler: Your Talking Points for Today

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here’s where we use our Internet-reading abilities to share the latest articles, videos and randomness you need to consume before the day’s out. We call it: The Cooler.

Tweet Victory: Writer Frank Chimero explains how he weaseled himself into The New Yorker, starting with one fateful tweet.

Solo Mission: Find out who’s on the shortlist of actors in line to play Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off.

Oh Snap: The White House has joined Snapchat. Finally...?

Watch and Learn: A Continuous Lean has published a brief history of Officine Panerai and the invention of the diving watch.

You Don’t Know Jack: Could you game the system and guarantee yourself a $1.4 billion Powerball jackpot? The short answer: no.

Coate of Arms: National Book Award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates examines the link between Bill Cosby and Black Lives Matter in The Atlantic.

Mock and Load: Jimmy Fallon asks Donald Trump some standard job interview questions to evaluate his qualifications for POTUS.

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