Vladimir Putin Cologne, New David Bowie and Congratulating North Korea

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Drone On: Wired reports that the first passenger-ready drone is in development, to the delight of supervillains everywhere.

Get a Poke On: Hypebeast surveys the DIY world of stick ‘n’ poke tattoos, and lists the five best stick ‘n’ poke tattoo artists to follow on Instagram.

Smells Like Russian Spirit: You can now buy an actual cologne inspired by Putin. And a Putin Apple Watch. Or a Putin calendar...

For the Ages: The Daily Beast investigates the age of Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends at the time of their breakup, and finds a slightly disturbing pattern.

Nothin’ but the Truth: Finally, an HBO exec takes the fall for the mess that was True Detective Season 2.

Turn Heel: The latest spat between GOP frenemies Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio involves Rubio’s decidedly fabulous footwear choice.

Bowie Life: The new video for “Lazarus” is here to prove that, yes, David Bowie is still freaky.

Northern Exposure: Jimmy Kimmel finds some witless pedestrians to congratulate North Korea on its (possible) H-bomb test.

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