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Reviving the Art of the Thank-You Note

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
No, it’s not too late.

That’s what you may be thinking. But yeah, no. Not too late. Sorry.

Even though the holidays may already seem like eons ago, you still have plenty of time to write your thank-you notes to any generous folks you recently encountered.

We know. Thank-you notes can seem like a bit of an old-fashioned chore—like churning butter or remembering a phone number. So to help motivate you, we’ve outlined the rebuttals to some of your more likely excuses. You don’t even have to thank us. We’ll let you have them on the house.

Excuse 1: But no one thanked me.
Well, this is the primary reason you should get moving on yours. It’s one big, albeit casual, jump up on the whole karma chain.

Excuse 2: I know I should be but really am not thankful.
This excuse is usually directed at passive-aggressive siblings or coworkers who gifted you something that may be seen as a not-so-subtle gibe at one of your perceived failings. Your response in this case can be equally not-so-subtle. “Thank you so much for The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I couldn’t put it down. I will be sure to follow the author’s advice and donate to charity as soon as I’m finished reading it.”

Excuse 3: I texted. That counts, right?
Unless you’re currently a 12-year-old girl, texting is... no, actually. Not even then. This is the time to break out a good monogrammed cardstock, write a few lines and put it in the mail with an inked signature. Wax stamp, however, is still optional.

Excuse 4: I’m not really great at writing notes.
You don’t need to be. Yes, there are sites that will spit out a handwritten card for you. But we think you can handle this all on your own. A good note only has to be a few lines. (Anything shorter than four, however, and you risk seeming a little terse.)

The basic formula is:

Dear [Name]:

Thank you for the [name of thing—if cash, that thing is called “generosity.” However, if you’re an elected official, it’s called “show of support for our shared vision of America”]. I can’t wait to [use/wear/ride/read/housebreak/open-carry] it. [The last one is best used in the state of Texas.]

Hope your 2016 is [great/prosperous/full of disaffected Iowa caucus goers]. [This is good if Donald Trump gave you something gilded this year.]

[Your Name Here]

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