Bowie Christmas Cards, Surviving a Star Wars Marathon and a Miss Universe Mess

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A Style About Nothing: There are lessons we can all learn from the mostly terrible but occasionally good style history of Seinfeld.

Pull Your Card: In case you didn’t buy any holiday cards (you didn’t), Opening Ceremony’s made you these printable cards featuring the likes of David Bowie, Fetty Wap and Run-D.M.C. illustrated by Deer Dana.

Wars Is Hell: An A.V. Club writer attended one of those 18-hour Star Wars marathons in theaters, and this is his firsthand account.

Wet Your Appetite: On the heels of his new album, The Buffet, First We Feast crowns R. Kelly the “poet laureate of food porn.”

Master of the Universe: Steve Harvey botched the crowning of Miss Universe in a very Steve Harvey way.

;-( : Kim Kardashian West launches her own line of emojis on the App Store sometime today. May you never, ever receive one.

Picture Perfect: Wired shows us the little-known photographs that inspired Norman Rockwell’s iconic Christmas illustrations.

Holy Sheet: A piece of sheet music penned by Beethoven himself was found in a Connecticut home and fetched $100,000 on the auction block.

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