Four Things to Keep You Busy This Weekend

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’ve got a great big weekend ahead. Interesting things will happen. You’ll experience new sights, enticing sounds and intriguing tastes. And if you don’t, well, you could always just click something below. We call it Agenda. A little weekend kick start.

Noma: My Perfect Storm
If you’re not the type to stand in long lines to watch a Wookiee, here’s another option: iTunes (and select theaters) gets the long-awaited doc about René Redzepi and his Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, cited the Best Restaurant in the World and scheduled to close next year. So watch this before you make reservations.

Childhood’s End
Yes, Syfy’s three-part original miniseries is worth six hours of your time, intellectually noodly though it may be. Still, this isn’t 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it is Arthur C. Clarke. So no, it doesn’t have Yoda or lightsabers. Though it does have strange floating children, which have their charms, too.

Hotels of North America by Rick Moody
Strangely affecting, oddly funny: it’s the story of one man’s life disintegration as told by his reviews on RateYourLodging.com, a fictional Yelp-like site. Read it and then rate it and feel very meta about it all.

“Good Day” by Low Cut High Tops
Seattle’s Low Cut High Tops is the nom de electro-art-punk of David Burns. His full-length Eh, Whatever comes out February 5. May this satisfy your eardrums until that day.

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