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Packing Light Just Got Even Lighter

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·


A smile.

Now, that’s what we call traveling light. But... if you ever start to feel that toothbrush is weighing you down...

There’s a new service that can handle it for you: UnPack, which aims to delete approximately 99% of what you pack for business trips, now available for your next trip to New York.

This isn’t a luggage-forwarding company. That may have been all the rage in early 2015, but we’re way beyond that. Basically, you’ll be renting an entire wardrobe for anywhere from two to six days.

You’ll just leave your house with a small bag packed with your socks and undergarments. When you arrive at your hotel, someone will have dropped off a suitcase for you. In it: oxford shirts, pants, winter coats, sunglasses, belts, toiletries. The clothes will even be your size, which is helpful.

Then you wear them. Enjoy them. Try not to spill coffee on them. Then just put them back in the suitcase and leave them at your hotel’s front desk to be picked up before you leave.

But you can keep the toiletries.

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