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It’s, Well, a Different Kind of Billiards

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Oh, billiards.

Such a fine sport.

Never change, billiards.

Or... the only constant is change. Give change a try.

Make way for Loop, a billiards-on-an-ellipse-table situation that’s all set to be the next exceptionally challenging leisure activity in your life so hopefully those are your thing, available now. (But it’s made-to-order by craftsmen in Essex, so... no physics parties for a few months.)

This all started when a British sports-and-math journalist became especially fond of the ellipse. And realized its great pool potential. And... okay, here’s what’s going on:

You’re playing on a round sort of table. You just are. Four balls. One pocket. So, just like billiards, only a bit different. Basically, you’ll use the cue ball (yep, that still exists) to hit a colored ball (those as well) into the pocket. You’ll find there are a few different ways to do so, on account of mathematics. Hopefully you will find one of them.

Once you manage to do that, you’ll pot the eight ball and call it a day.

A very successful day.

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