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Your Cheat Sheet for What’s New in the World of Podcasting

Your poor ears can really only take so much. Don’t wear them out listening to podcast after podcast, hoping to find some interesting audio nugget.

This week: Serial season 2, Anna Faris and the return of some of your favorite Grantlanders.

Serial Season 2
What it is: Okay, you probably already know what this is, but we’ll tell you anyway. It’s the second season of last year’s true-crime podcast phenom. This time, it’s a different true crime. But it’s the same Sarah Koenig. It’s the same MailKimp ad. The new mission: unravel the strange story of POW/Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.
First episode: Bergdahl explains to a filmmaker (and Serial investigative partner) how this whole mess started.
Skip to: 40:53. When Koenig says, “That’s me. Calling the Taliban.” We didn’t even know they were listed.

The Cinema Show
What it is: Monocle’s just-launched chat show.
First episode: A very heady discussion of “extreme visual beauty in cinema.” Let’s just say it’s a bold first choice for an audio program.
Skip to: 11:05. Photographer Michael Wolf talks about how Wong Kar-wai’s visual style influenced his urban photography. Just in case you thought Wolf’s photos looked familiar.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified
What it is: The comedic actress is now a relationship podcaster. Or something.
First episode: Anna and cohost/producer somehow land Anna’s Mom costar Allison Janney for a freewheeling discussion about working together and, well, then let’s just stipulate that the conversation veers downward from there. Trigger warning: the word “taint” is employed liberally.
Skip to: 14:50. An Emmy award winner explains what a moose knuckle is.

Surprisingly Awesome
What it is: Big-time movie writer/director Adam McKay (credits: Ant-Man, Anchorman, The Big Short) and New York Times economics columnist Adam Davidson explaining why boring things like mold and concrete—and here’s where that title comes in—are secretly interesting.
First episode: The topic: mold. Well, we only made it through about five minutes. We’ll wait for the movie. If you can get Ant-Man made, mold should be a cinch.
Skip to: Episode 4. The team divulges the not-so-secret anarchist leanings of 1990s US one-hit wonder Chumbawamba.

Channel 33
What it is: Bill Simmons’s first spin-off for his new podcast network. It’s sports, pop culture and TV talk with pop-culture connoisseurs—and Grantland vets—Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald.
First episode: Ryan and Greenwald go face-first into a big bowl of The Leftovers.
Skip to: Episode 10. Just a good interview with Trevor Noah about his first few months on the job.

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