Bill Murray’s Life Advice, Woody Allen’s Star Wars and DiCaprio’s Oscar Quest

The Cooler: Your Talking Points for Today

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Here’s where we use our Internet-reading abilities to share the latest articles, videos and randomness you need to consume before the day’s out. We call it: The Cooler.

Getting Lit: The Daily Beast lists 15 drinking establishments frequented by authors like Tennessee Williams, James Joyce and (especially) Hemingway.

Bill of Rights: Valet has compiled Bill Murray’s sage life advice into a single, glorious graphic.

Fish Tale: Everything about this new London restaurant catering to the super-rich is obnoxious—and they’re doing fabulously.

Time Is Money: This engraved Rolex took 140 hours to make and can be yours for just $37,500.

Dress for Success: The CEO of a menswear company just beat the world record for completing a half marathon in a full suit. Which means he somehow wasn’t the first person to attempt this.

Star Crossed: If Woody Allen directed Star Wars, it would look exactly like this.

Oscar Bait: GQ recounts every insane thing Leonardo DiCaprio has done in his Oscar quest.

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