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New England: The Restaurant

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Hi. Sorry. We were just practicing our pronunciation of Oyster Bah—LEYE’s new East Coast–inflected seafood shack where you’ll gleefully slurp, shell, crack and drink with something just shy of reckless abandon. It’s open now in Lincoln Park, and here’s the slideshow.

This place is about as close as you’re going to get to coastal Maine without leaving Chicago. By which we mean, it’s got the whitewashed walls, buoys and maritime kitsch of a dockside townie bar, minus any proximity to the Atlantic. Hey, you were the one who didn’t want to leave Chicago...

The inside is pretty cozy. Just a little bar for enjoying a rotating cast of fresh oysters and littleneck clams, and a handful of tables for settling in over some swordfish schnitzel or crispy one-sided snapper. In the back, you’ll discover a carefully curated wall of hot sauces. Use it for good.

And should you find yourself here later (say, after a show at Steppenwolf), you may want to make your way downstairs to the Crab Cellar—a no-frills basement diner for Maryland-style crab cakes, their spin on the Ward 8 cocktail and an oyster stout boilermaker.

It’s called “Oyster Bah,” remember?

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