Transparent Season 2, Coldplay’s Clichés and a Seinfeld-ian Serial

The Cooler: Your Talking Points for Today

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Sein Here: What do you get when you cross Seinfeld with Serial? One minute of pure bliss.

Paying the Price: New York magazine explains why the city’s restaurants are about to get more expensive. A lot more expensive.

Just Gr8: Apparently, AOL Instant Messenger has shaped the sexuality of our generation. It all makes sense now.

Cold Shoulder: The New Yorker eloquently (sort of) skewers Coldplay for their latest album and its diabolical clichés.

Person of Interest: Vox makes the case that Donald Trump should’ve been Time’s Person of the Year over Angela Merkel, for better or for worse.

Heir Transparent: The Daily Beast talks with Transparent creator Jill Soloway about raising the bar for season 2, which is now available to stream on Amazon.

You Sleigh Me: Jimmy Fallon and Chris Hemsworth compete in a sleigh scooter race. Naturally.

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