NYC vs. Hoverboards, Smart Dressing Rooms and the Vine Election

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Board to Death: Riding one of those electric hoverboards that aren’t really hoverboards will now cost you a $500 fine in the city of New York.

Shet Happens: Put This On took the time to find nine purveyors of the classic Shetland sweater. Oh, and only one of them can technically be called a “Shaggy Dog.”

Hotline Bling: Vice tries to answer the question of just who taxi drivers are constantly calling during their shifts.

Vanity Fair: At last, Carly Simon goes on the record about who the second verse of “You’re So Vain” is about (hint: it’s Warren Beatty).

Morning Glory: Valet reports on the morning routine (and insane core workout) of restaurateur extraordinaire Michael Chernow.

Smart Dresser: Ralph Lauren introduces the first “smart fitting rooms,” which can change room lighting from “East Hampton Sunset” to “Evening at the Polo Bar.”

Heard It Through the Vine: New York magazine explains why the 2016 cycle will be the election of the Vine.

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