Calvin, Hobbes and the Supreme Troll

The Cooler: Your Talking Points for the Day

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here’s where we use our Internet-reading abilities to share the latest articles, videos and randomness you need to consume before the day’s out. We call it: The Cooler.

Hair Today: In GQ, one man’s odyssey through the man bun.

Gawk Tomorrow: Gawker is shifting its focus entirely to politics. Somewhere in Washington, Ana Marie Cox cackles.

Knock It Off: Highsnobiety tells the harrowing tale of Supreme parody brand and onetime art project Shortypop.

The Best Medicine: The Atlantic takes a look at how late-night hosts help get us through tragedies.

Hey, Joe: How to perfect cold-brew coffee at home, courtesy of Wired.

Gotta Go: And here is the best public restroom in the country.

Eye of the Tiger: Calvin and Hobbes turn 30 today.

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