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The House That Sarah Grueneberg Built

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Oh, great.

Just what Chicago needs—another Italian restaurant.


No, really. That wasn’t sarcasm.

That was a roundabout way of introducing Monteverde, a new house of pasta and good Italian wine courtesy of chef Sarah Grueneberg. It’s open now in the West Loop, this is its slideshow, and this is its menu.

You know Sarah. Top Chef alum. Spiaggia executive chef. Ebullient Texan. Well, this is her first time running the show. A show that follows three arcs...

Arc One: Family Dinner
You and your kin are at a long wooden table. Dad wants the ragù alla napoletana with meatballs. Cousin Scott wants the spicy wok-fried arrabbiata. You say, “Let’s share,” and the restaurant erupts in applause.

Arc Two: Date Night
Find a high-top near the window. Split a bottle of red and the cannelloni saltimbocca, but only if you like the sound of prosciutto-and-lamb Italian pot stickers. “If” is a funny word when used in that context.

Arc Three: Happy Hour
A seat at the bar with their mezcal Negroni is probably the best in the house. From there, you’ve got a great view of the pastificio, where someone very focused will be making your pasta.

There. Now you know where the view of something called the pastificio is.

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