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Watching the Aurora Borealis from a Dome

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When you fall asleep to a glowing light, it’s normally because you left your phone on.

It’s not because electrically charged particles released from the sun entered the earth’s atmosphere and collided with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen.

Let’s change that.

Embrace your nocturnal side with Aurora Domes, a new lodging situation that allows you to bask in the northern lights’ glory directly from the comfort of your warm bed, opening in early December in Finnish Lapland.

The Finland sky in the wintertime: incredibly beautiful. The Finland air in the wintertime: incredibly freezing. Which is where these insulated igloo-shaped, yurt-like structures that are perched on the edge of frozen Lake Torassieppi come in. They have wood-burning stoves, double beds and clear panels on the northern-facing sides. Check them out here.

You’ll book one in conjunction with a package and choose other activities you want to focus on. Photography. Husky safaris. Hunting the northern lights in a minibus. Whatever seems best to fulfill that tough “getting out of bed at least once so you have some anecdotes to tell at cocktail parties” requirement.

Speaking of which, you’ll be happy to know there’s a nearby restaurant and a sauna with a relaxed clothing policy.

The sauna, not the restaurant.

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