The Life and Times of Giorgio

Armani. The Man. The Myth. The Giant Book.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
A 576-page biography of a fashion designer may seem like a bit of a—sorry to say—long slog through the land of ego gratification.

But this particular 576-page book—because it’s Giorgio Armani, the icon’s stunning new photo-laden autobiography—is what no well-dressed coffee table will be without this season.

And really, Armani deserves a little room to be expansive. In the 1980s, he dressed Richard Gere for American Gigolo, and then went on to define the look of that entire decade. And we say that with all due respect to the designer of leg warmers.

The book is part warm remembrance of his childhood—although cast under the shadow of World War II—in Piacenza, Italy, and part clear-eyed self-analysis of his perfectionist working style and demeanor.

But more than anything, the major heft of the book comes from its stunning collection of some of the best fashion and celebrity photography of the last 40 years. There are 180 color and 230 black-and-white photographs from Herb Ritts, Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz.

Armani really does keep good company.

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