Gore Vidal’s Pleasure Palace, A&F’s Sexiest Ads and the Return of John Mulaney

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Brokedown Palace: The Daily Beast investigates what went on at La Rondinaia, the Amalfi Coast mansion once owned by Gore Vidal, now on the market.

Camera, Action: Speaking of on the market, you can now place an eBay bid on the trusty Nikon used by acclaimed photographer Mary Ellen Mark.

Sex Sells: As A&F tones down their image, Details looks back at the sexiest ads from their ’90s/’00s heyday.

Right Turn: Highsnobiety tells us why far-right subcultures gravitate to certain brands—and what brands do to fight back.

Zippo It: Cool Material reports on the history of collecting Zippo lighters—from ultrarare WWII service models to $10,000 gold editions.

Bunch of Mulaney: Vulture sits down with John Mulaney to chat about the cancellation of his ill-fated show and the imminent release of his new Netflix special.

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