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Just This Magical Coffee Mug, Is All

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’ve got the coffee thing down.

The brewing, the pouring, the channeling its sacred effulgence through yourself.

But you have not yet mastered keeping it the same temperature for hours on end.

So here’s Ember, a mug that’ll cool your piping-hot morning beverage to drinkable temperature and maintain said temperature for a long time. It’s available for preorder now.

Let’s talk about it.

How’s it work?
You’ll pour your coffee or tea into the mug. Then, twist the bottom to adjust the temperature (you’ll see the temp in floating LED form on the mug). After a few minutes, it’ll notify you when it’s that temperature. And then it’ll stay there.

For how long?
Two hours if you’re on the go, or all day if you use the charging coaster.

What if my coffee is already cold?
It can warm that up for you, no problem.

What if I want to heat my coffee remotely?
Yeah, there’s an app.

Any other stuff coming from these guys?
They’re working on a plate that senses everything on it and heats or cools each item accordingly, and can cook an egg itself.

That can’t be real.
Okay, but it is.

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