Let There Be Fright

And Here We Have a Horror Movie Filter

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’ve got a big weekend lined up.

A lot of rum-consuming from pumpkins, and being surrounded by people in costume, and general weekending to get done.

And at some point, you just have to squeeze in a terrible ’80s horror movie.

It’s a requirement.

And to help that process: KillerFlix, a site that’ll sort horror films based on your preferences and recommend things you’ll want to see. It’s online now.

Once you decide to spend a couple quality couch hours, get online and choose a subgenre: gory, thriller, ghost, funny, monster. Then, choose whether you care if it’s good or... not good at all (a legitimately difficult choice with horror).

Then, stop choosing things and let the computer work its algorithmic magic. You can read a lengthy review and watch a trailer, or just click the “Watch Now” button and let destiny work its magic.

Suddenly, you’re watching Candyman and just f**king loving every moment of it.

Seriously, look.

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