Bob Ross, ScarJo and Horror Film Style

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Porn Again: Jenna Jameson is going to be the subject of a reality show that traces her conversion to Judaism and leads up to her wedding in Israel next year. So there’s that.

Sexy Talk: Ex-SNL writer Mike O’Brien’s comedy album Tasty Radio drops today: one “radio station,” WSEX, features Scarlett Johansson reading passages from Deuteronomy on “Sexy Bible.”

Shining Star: GQ gets into which style moves you can steal from horror films, from Jack Nicholson’s tweed jacket in The Shining to Schwarzenegger’s camo pants in Predator.

What About Bob: In honor of (legendary) painter Bob Ross’s birthday, Twitch is streaming all 403 episodes of The Joy of Painting.

Print Condition: Comedians from SNL, Monty Python and National Lampoon have teamed to launch a printed quarterly magazine called The American Bystander. You can get in on it here.

Cook Report: Horror film icon Vincent Prince and his wife wrote a best-selling cookbook back in 1965... and it’s been reissued for its 50th anniversary.

Last Night Right Here: Neil deGrasse Tyson makes science kind of naughty on Colbert; and on Conan, we learn this is a very busy time for Andy Richter, one of the most prominent pumpkin talent managers in showbiz.

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