Brie Larson, New Emojis and All of Leo’s Girlfriends

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Dun’ It Again: Lena Dunham has partnered with BuzzFeed Audio for a new podcast called Women of the Hour. Expect the likes of Emma Stone, Zadie Smith and Amy Sedaris.

King Kunta: This is what Kendrick Lamar sounds like when he performs tracks from To Pimp a Butterfly with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Sound the Horns: Sad day for this multitalented Cubs fan, shown here playing “Go, Cubs, Go!” using only a gun and a trumpet. You read that right.

Picture That: A new batch of emojis is under review, which apparently is a process that takes months to complete. A clown, an avocado and two strips of bacon are in the works, after all.

Just His Type: A slew of unconfirmed tabloid rumors claim Leo DiCaprio is engaged to girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach, so it’s probably true. Regardless, it’s inspired GQ to create this photo composite of all 57 of his exes’ faces blended together. So there’s that.

Last Night Right Here: Brie Larson talks about how she prepared for her role in Room; Marty McFly and Doc Brown pay a visit to Jimmy Kimmel.

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