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Have a Look Inside Boka’s New Steakhouse

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Every time we try Googling something today, it just returns the following message:

“Come to my house in Chicago. It’s got a gigantic restaurant with a big-deal chef, a bunch of big steaks and an in-house concierge. Also, f**k Bing.”

Could just be a glitch.

Or it could be the Boka crew’s much-anticipated steakhouse, Swift & Sons. It’s open now directly below Google’s new offices, and here’s what it looks like.

You should know that this steakhouse is not like other steakhouses. And also the reasons why...

1) This space used to be a cold-storage facility for meat.
Now, it’s a turn-of-the-20th-century-style homage to cattle trading with mosaic marble floors, vaulted ceilings and bank-teller-y booths. All of which is fitting, considering...

2) They’ll have 13 cuts of beef.
Including three different Wagyus, tableside beef Wellington and everything else on this menu.

3) There’s a bi-level bar area called the Tavern.
It’s where you’ll go after work for a 100-proof-bourbon cocktail. Naturally.

4) Soon, it’ll house a seafood restaurant.
Yes, an actual one of those. Inside the place.

5) About that in-house concierge...
Her name is Lauren, and she’ll do everything from getting you theater tickets to purchasing your mom’s birthday gift.

Oh, Lauren.

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