Rihanna, LA and a Novel Written in Real Time

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By Ilana Dadras ·
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Novel Idea: Joshua Cohen is writing a serialized novel online, in real time. It’s happening right now in this Google Doc, so you can observe him writing and rewriting in a shockingly efficient fashion. And you can leave commentary as you see fit.

Ri Watch: Miranda July sits down with Rihanna who gets deep into public scrutiny, living in the moment and why she’s Googling childbirth.

Roll Through: This fall, Emilio Pucci will release its first line of... skateboards. Yeah. The likes of which are in this here film.

Good Natured: In 1964, Bruce Davidson went to Los Angeles on assignment for Esquire. He returned 45 years later to document LA in a triptych of studies of nature in urban cities. His work has just been rereleased in two new books, Los Angeles 1964 and Nature of Los Angeles 2008-2013—and here’s Vogue getting a glimpse into the mind behind it all.

Last Night Right Here: Stephen Colbert wondered what happened to all those TED talks that just didn’t make the cut, and Olivia Wilde took the “Actathalon” challenge.
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