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Every day—well, on most days hereafter—we’ll be using our remarkable Internet-reading abilities to share our favorite articles, videos and whatever else we come across that we think you’ll like. We call it: The Cooler.

In Ernest: Before Paris, before Havana, before Key West...  apparently Hemingway spent a lot of time in Northern Michigan. A Times writer set out to trace his boyhood haunts.

Gone West: Kanye sat down with Lou Stoppard to answer questions posed by his friends, his family and complete strangers on the Internet. They sat down for a really, really long time.

Good Vision: Francesca von Habsburg doesn’t buy art. And here’s why she thinks you shouldn’t either.

Say Cheese: In case you’re interested in staring at that giant rock in the sky from various angles, Colossal just posted a selection of some newly released photos from the Apollo missions. (Alternatively, NASA just posted 8,400.)

Last Night Right Here: Jay Leno jumped in on Fallon’s monologue—the one-liners start rolling at 3:10. Billy Eichner led a truly soothing bedtime meditation, and Colbert is apparently not a fan of pancakes for dinner.

— Ilana Dadras

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