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Lobster Rockefeller and DJs in River North

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Before we begin, a brief questionnaire:

1) Do your weekend plans involve steaks topped with foie gras butter?

2) What about a wall lined with stylized animal horns?

Just as we suspected.

Total dearth of stylized animal horns...

Proceed directly to STK Chicago—a curvaceous new steakhouse with a nightclub vibe where you’ll find both of the above, plus lobster Rockefeller, plus more stuff. Yes, you’ve heard of it. And yes, we’ve finally got our own that’s open now in the heart of River North.

Not your standard old-school steakhouse, this one. Its ceilings are dotted with fiberglass fins. One wall is covered in animal horns. There’s a DJ booth. (Ah, here she is now.)

It’s where you’ll go with a date or when you’re looking to entertain out-of-town guests over foie-gras-buttered filets, chili-pepper-and-vodka drinks and their Chicago-exclusive lobster Rockefeller (here’s the menu). And again, it’s pretty lounge-y, so feel free to chat with the attractive people at the table next to you. They’ll like that.

Finally, after dinner, things will take a turn for the scene-ier. That curved marble bar will come into play. The music will turn up. And you’ll do plenty of that one thing you do.

You know, that thing.

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