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Cynar 70: From Italy, for You

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You might know Cynar (pronounced “chee-nar”). It’s that low-proof, bittersweet Italian liqueur that’s made from 13 herbs and other plants, including artichokes. Some inspired barkeep has probably mixed it into your drink on occasion.

But the point here is that Cynar 70 exists now. It’s 70 proof, which means it’s sporting 37 more proof than the original. Which, in real-life numbers, is an increase from 16.5% to 35% alcohol by volume. Which, in real-life application, makes for a fine nightcap full of dark cocoa, bitter herbs and an earthy sweetness. Which... means you should pour some over ice, drop in an orange peel and go about your evening. Your much-improved evening.

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