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Cotton Tale

Part Art Gallery. Part BYOB Restaurant. Neat.

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Perhaps this past weekend, Expo Chicago left you feeling a certain hunger to connect with contemporary art.

Perhaps it just left you hungry.

Either way, this place seems relevant...

Meet The Cotton Duck, a secret-garden-meets-art-gallery-meets-BYOB-restaurant, now open in East Ukrainian Village. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

It shares a courtyard with Briciola, that little Italian restaurant in the front of the building. Their mutual landlord is a sculptor, so you’ll see bronze toy truck sculptures and a giant iron horse. Completely normal. Keep walking to the back.

There you’ll find mosaic-tile floors, a bar that looks like it was made from an old radiator and giant ship paintings from Chicago-based artist Renee McGinnis’s new offering called The Girls. Congrats: you’re now officially part of an art gallery/restaurant hybrid whose menu changes in tandem with the current exhibit.

So if McGinnis’s seafaring vessels put you in the mood for scallops, crispy oysters and octopus... you’re so in luck. If being in a place with “duck” in its name makes you want duck with tikka masala granola... you’re luckier still.

And if you just happen to have brought your own whiskey because you know Adam Seger has whipped up spirit-free cocktails like a vanilla-chai-and-smoked-tea number for your BYOB-ing pleasure...

You probably read this.

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