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An Art Gallery with a Hip-Hop Fishing Vibe

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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If you read about only one art gallery/sportfishing-apparel store/live-bait aquarium today...

Make it SWGR. That’s the new space in Wynwood that has a little bit of everything. And by everything, we mean art, fish and clothes that reside at the intersection of hip-hop and sportfishing. It’s soft-open now and it grand-opens on September 25. (See the slideshow.)

Three things to know about this place:

1. There’s retail. It’s more or less the clothing that Biggie Smalls would wear if he ever went marlin hunting. Long-sleeve tees, caps, etc. If you need to try on anything, they’ve got fitting rooms with waterproof curtains made out of fishing gear. Nice touch.

2. There’s art. Currently you’ll see works from an LA-based artist, a Chicago-based photographer and a New York–based guy who designs gold-plated shark jaws. There are also videos of fishing expeditions, set to rap music.

3. There’s an aquarium. It’s in the middle and it’s round so that the small baitfish in it (called pilchards) can stay in a school and swim together. The owner, Dan, says he wants to bring attention to the usually overlooked—but beautiful—fish.

It’s a noble cause.

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